• Awaken and raise human consciousness
  • Free all animals from violence and exploitation
  • Create safe clean sustainable environments
  • Improve health and fitness through diet and lifestyle
  • Encourage self sufficiency and independence

( Future YouTube channel will include off-grid, permaculture farming, minimization and independent living )


Our Story

As we progress as a species we have become so disconnected from our natural instincts of compassion and lost appreciation for our environments. This economic system of enslavement, competition and consumerism has indoctrinated us with the most selfish mindsets. We have been placed on a self destructive path leading to our demise. We have been tricked into supporting and inflicting horrific acts of violence against the most innocent defenseless beings we share the planet with while contaminating our own environments and risking our health.


Next Steps

If we are against animal abuse, unnecessary violence, discrimination, deforestation and pollution then we are already vegan at heart. We just need to align our actions with our morals. It’s time to wake up and be the change. The most powerful thing we can do at the individual level to make the world a better place is to practice a vegan lifestyle. This means removing our participation from all forms of animal exploitation and violence in every way possible.

Then we must realize this entire system is designed to make us both consumers and consumer providers. While we work to offer some form of service, make and or sell some type of product to earn money (meaning one eye) we sequentially are buying services and products ourselves. Obviously in the current economic system we live in we are regulated by government (meaning to control mind), but we have the power of individual choice. We must learn to use our will power and consumer power to minimize consumption which is having a negative impact on the Earth.

Lastly we need to learn how to reuse, recycle and become self sustaining. Presently, as a species, we are self destructing. Why pay industries for products and services that we really don’t need and are unhealthy for our environments and ourselves? Why pay monthly utility bills when we can use renewable energy and manage water for free? The Sun in conjunction with the Earth gives us everything we need. We just need to learn how to live in harmony with Mother Nature and produce our own electricity, collect our own water, dispose of our own waste naturally and grow our own food (using permaculture).